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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Signs of Summer

You just gotta love that the boys are counting down the days till their summer recess.  Even Sue is telling me only 19 work days left till summer.  I am seeing vacation requests from the guys at work.  Then the sun comes out, and starts to warm up our surroundings.  Spring fever, or signs of summer. ?

After work I find Luke and his friends asking to go into the pool.  The pool is open, but has not been vacuumed...the bottom looks like an abyss.  I tell them to wait 30 minutes or so, and I get changed into shorts and start vacuuming the pool.  Once a clean path is made with the first pass, it becomes even more evident that the bottom and sides need a good cleaning....signs of summer.

I take a break after the cleaning the pool and the boys scatter to go get their bathing suits.  Salmon Terriyaki, rice, edamame, green beans, and leftover mashed potatoes.  Somehow the mashed potatoes don't seem to fit, but get eaten just the same.  Luke's new friend John is over the house for dinner...signs of summer.

This day in history "Summer comes early to Holbrook"

I forget that I need to order some party hero for my fishing trip Saturday.  The forecast is for some more great weather, so I run out to Lombardi's market for 2 feet each, Italian and American.  Do you think that's enough for six guys ?  Just kidding, it always is and we have some for the mate and capt. Sloan....sings of summer.

After dinner, the boys play some basketball, and then take the plunge.  I hear the screams as they emerge from the cold water of the pool.  After 5 minutes they retreat to the hot tub....what a life.  Once warm., they go back into the cold pool and huddle around the shallow of them exclaims that the water feels good now...obviously they are getting comfortably numb.....signs of summer.

At around 730, the boys call it a night, after-all it's not summer and they have homework to do.  Luke helps me put the pool cover on, and tomorrow, I will turn on the heater during the day to see if we can get this pool a little warmer.  67 degree water is too cold for me, but a sure sign of summer when 4 boys are in the pool for the first swim of the year.

Photo of the day "Signs of Summer"

Four wild and crazy guys " Zach, Anthony, John,  and Luke"

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