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Saturday, May 5, 2012

MC United Win Big in Albany

The day started out with a run around the SUNY Albany Quads.  It was cloudy, cool, and breezy at 6:45 am.  30 minutes later, and back at the HGI across the street from SUNY Albany, Sue was already up and getting ready for her shower.

By 8am we were all showered and ready or breakfast and shortly after that we head to the soccer fields for the last game of the NERP season.  The Stray Cat Alley Cats started showing up at the field as we did, an hour before game time.

MC United took an early lead and never looked back.  Kyle had one of the best games I have ever watched him play.  As a left mid-fielder, he dished out 2 assists, and put 3 in the back of the net as well.  Getting a hat trick is something he has wanted for a long time.  Scoring one of them when taking a corner kick, well, it doesn't get much better than that.

Congratulations to the team, and the 7-3 win also included 2 goals by James, 1 by Tim, and 1 by Kevin.

A team photo followed.

This day in history "Bruce gets pulled over for speeding and doesn't get a speeding ticket"  After the soccer game, we head back to the hotel so that Kyle can take a shower.  We are then on the road again, heading to Hartwick College to visit Gavin.  An hour and change into the ride from Albany to Oneonta, a scant 4 miles away from the campus, I get laser tagged by a State Trooper.

License and registration please.  Do you know why I am stopping you ?  Do you have any warrants ?  is there anything wrong with your vehicle ?  Let's put this into context, I am the one who is the slower driver in the family, and Sue warned me a few miles back that I was hitting 80 or so mph.  I backed off and tried to stay at a more reasonable speed.  Her car does make it easy to go 80 on the open road.

Turns out, ten minutes later that the officer noticed that our registration had lapsed.  Happy Cinco De Mayo to me.  The registration lapsed on May 4th.  As luck has it, the officer decided to give me a ticket for unregistered vehicle as opposed to a moving violation.  Saving me 4 points, a higher fine, and the possibility of a raise in my insurance rate.

Once at Hartwick, I relinquished the keys and decided that Sue should drive as usual.  We enjoyed a nice Hibachi lunch, and a trek through the woods at Wilbur park.  After that we picked up Krista and headed to Pie in the Sky for ice cream.  Yummy homemade ice cream from a real farm in the outskirts of town.

Back on the road again, with Sue at the wheel, we make it back home in one piece, no more tickets, and cover the ride in record 4 hr time.  It usually takes 5 hours.   I will be making the drive again in a few weeks when Gavin is done with finals.  I will watch my speed next time, and so will Gavin, as he will be sharing the driving with me that day.....

Photo of the day "MC United"

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