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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Double Day

So yesterday was repeat day.

Today can be double day.

Worked and doubled as Mr. Mom when Luke called and said he was not feeling well at school.

Had double lunch.  Actually half a bagel, and half a peanut butter and nutella on whole wheat.

This day in history "The U.S. unmanned space probe Mariner 9 is launched on a mission to gather scientific information on Mars, the fourth planet from the sun. The 1,116-pound spacecraft entered the planet's orbit on November 13, 1971, and circled Mars twice each day for almost a year, photographing the surface and analyzing the atmosphere with infrared and ultraviolet instruments. It gathered data on the atmospheric composition, density, pressure, and temperature of Mars, and also information about the surface composition, temperature, and topography of the planet.
When Mariner 9 first arrived, Mars was almost totally obscured by dust storms, which persisted for a month. However, after the dust cleared, Mariner 9 proceeded to reveal a very different planet--one that boasted enormous volcanoes and a gigantic canyon stretching 3,000 miles across its surface. The spacecraft's cameras also recorded what appeared to be dried riverbeds, suggesting the ancient presence of water and perhaps life on the planet. The first spacecraft to orbit a planet other than earth, Mariner 9 sent back more than 7,000 pictures of the "Red Planet" and succeeded in photographing the entire planet. Mariner 9 also sent back the first close-up images of the Martian moon. Its transmission ended on October 27, 1972."

After work ended it was time to cook dinner.  Could not decide so made BBQ Chicken Breast and Sausage and Peppers.  Double Dinner.

Went for a bike ride with Sue, and covered double the usual route.

When I was a teenager, I used to work at Carvel.  They had Wednesday is Sundae at Carvel.  Basically that meant buy one sundae and get one free.  Needless to say, in my old neighborhood, when the weather was nice, a line out the door formed and lasted for a couple of hours.  Double Sundaes ?

Today is Wednesday, right ??  We had double the amount of papers to recycle too.

Photo of the day "Double Day"

P.S. Good thing I cooked double.  There is only one chicken breast and a small (barely lunch portion) of sausage and peppers leftover.  Sue already claimed the sausage and peppers for her lunch tomorrow.

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