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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back to reality - SAPO Coin Toss

So, vacation in OC can't last forever.  Back home, there is laundry (Sue), and the lawn needs mowing (Bruce).  Gavin and Krista at Warped tour.  This afternoon, Luke and I go food shopping.

Surprisingly, the yard is not too bad, but where did all that crabgrass come from this week ?

This day in history "On this day in 1899, Ernest Miller Hemingway, author of such novels as “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “The Old Man and the Sea,” is born in Oak Park, Illinois. The influential American literary icon became known for his straightforward prose and use of understatement. Hemingway, who tackled topics such as bullfighting and war in his work, also became famous for his own macho, hard-drinking persona."

A neighbor was having a get together tonight, and we payed them a visit.  Was nice to see the neighbors, share a beer and some good food.

There was a game being played with an imprinted Juegos Emperatriz.  The internet revealed that this is not the name of the game.  Good thing I overheard someone say it was a Peruvian game.   It requires players to toss heavy brass coins at the board from distance and try to land one in the frog's mouth.  Slots are cut in the surface allowing some coins to fall thru and into cubbies for points.

The frog, scores 5000 points.  If you ask me, slotting one in the frog's mouth should be an instant win.

Photo of the day "SAPO"

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