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Monday, July 16, 2012

OC 2012 - Day 3 - Fell Asleep on the couch

Another busy day at the beach.  Work up early and setup the chairs and umbrella.

Run on the boardwalk.  Endomondo is too generous with my times and distance.

We head to the beach for some swimming and boarding.  Again, clouds threaten and we do get rained on.  A passing sun shower, and besides we are already wet.  Sue stays guarding all the stuff under the beach umbrella.

A quick break for lunch ...sandwiches and strawberries.

Later in the afternoon and bunch of storm clouds approach.  This time, it really rains and we pack up all the soaked towels, blanket, chairs etc and walk back to the resort in the tropical rain.

We decide on a favorite for dinner.  TequillaMockingbird.  Long wait and loud as we had to sit at high bar table.  Good food and fun.  On the rocks for Sue, Frozen for me.

After dinner, we head back to the beach to try and catch some fish.  No bites tonight.  Back at the resort I grab a beer and decide if at 10pm I want to go to the boardwalk.  I have been wanting a tattoo.

This day in history "Fell Asleep on the couch"

1030PM and the sun, waves, tequila, and beer have taken their toll.  One margarita and one beer equals nighty night.

Photo of the day "TequillaMockingbird"

P.S. Late blog entry...this is really for Sunday nite....

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