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Saturday, July 14, 2012

OC 2012 - Day 2

Well, as usual I am the first one up in the house.  I have a new routine when we are at our timeshare in   Ocean City.  I carry 2 chairs and a beach umbrella to the beach to stake an early claim at the previous days high tide mark adjacent to the lifeguard stand.

Last year this worked out great, as I could take a run along the beach, and then head back to the resort to make breakfast.  This year, my run, instead of being about half a mile out and back, was a 5 mile plus run that took me all the way down to the end of boardwalk and island.

It felt great being able to run that far without much of a problem...sure at around mile 5 with the sun starting to burn thru some early morning clouds, the heat and humidity began rising.

This day in history "Representatives of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) were not in attendance at the 1995 christening of the infant technology that would shake their business model to its core just a few years later. Known formally as "MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3," the technology in question was an efficient new format for the encoding of high-quality digital audio using a highly efficient data-compression algorithm. In other words, it was a way to make CD-quality music files small enough to be stored in bulk on the average computer and transferred manageably across the Internet. Released to the pubic one week earlier, the brand-new MP3 format was given its name and its familiar ".mp3" file extension on this day in 1995."

I brought the electric griddle that I typically use for cooking eggs at the soccer concession stand.  This morning however, it is used to cook bacon, pancakes, and eggs.  Once the smell of bacon makes its way thru the townhouse, everyone starts to come to the kitchen.

After breakfast, we head to the beach.  Krista is new to the beach and Gavin introduces her to the waves and boogy board.  Some fresh strawberries, and a game of can-jam.  The clouds are building by early afternoon and before long some lightening and thunder close the beach.

We do some fishing and crabbing after a short sprinkle passes by.  Lunch in the room followed by some more fishing and crabbing.  Luke cant get enough.  Kyle and Sue bike around the island.  Gavin and Krista take a nap.

We pick Phillips for dinner.  A seafood buffet of enormous proportions.  Sure there are salads, meats, veggies, etc.  But we all pig out on clams, oysters, shrimp, blue claws, snow crab, etc.  Dessert and more.  After nearly 2 hours the carnage ends and we head back to the relax.

Kyle and Luke play some tennis.  Gavin and Krista say they are going to go for a run later.

I completed my run.  Time for a beer and a good nites sleep.  Gotta stake a claim again tomorrow.

Photo of the day "OC 2012 - Day 2"

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