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Sunday, July 29, 2012


When I woke up, it was cloudy and as I prepared for a run it started raining.  H2O

A brief break in the rain, and I hit the streets running.  The sound of thunder in the air, I keep my run close to home.  A run I call up and down in I end my run, the skies open up to a deluge of rainfall, lightening and thunder.  H2O

Luke, Gavin and I watch the Olympics road race.  The rain continues, sometimes really heavy.  Luke goes to the basement to feed his fish...I take the opportunity to check the basement for water.  Sure enough the window well in the backyard is full and it looks like a fish tank, water pouring into the basement and down the wall.  We have a french drain and a sump pump so I am not worried as I hear and see the water trickling into the sump pump.  H20

This day in history "Ryan Lochte wins 1st USA Gold in the 2012 Olympics"

If anyone says that hard work and training doesn't pay off, they need to speak to Ryan.  We saw his interview, with none other than Ryan Seacrest....Ryan meet Ryan.  Lochte was not satisfied with being 2nd best and living in the shadow of Phelps.  Lochte training over the past 4 years has had him adding muscle and doing unconventional training....flipping a 650 lb tire.  The dude is a beast.  Wins the 400m IM with a 3 second margin.  Not a world record, but an impressive swim.  H20

Sue is back from her mom's house where she and her sibling have been sorting through all of the belongings, making ready donations, and the eventual sale of her coop...very sad.  Sue brings home some old photos, one of her, Karen, and Brian when they were toddlers...

We have chicken tikka for dinner.  I experiment with a zucchini marsala as we have no peas to go with the meal...Not bad.  Sue and Luke have some soda with their meal...I opt of H20.

Luke wants to go fishing after dinner.  There is a severe thunderstorm watch until 10PM.  We pack up the car, and make our way down to Sayville.  The skies darkening in the north, we make a few casts into the bay before the rain comes.  We fish in the rain for a few minutes.  Retreat to the car with crab traps still soaking.  After about 20 minutes of heavy rain, we run out to retrieve the traps and head home.  H20

Photo of the Day "Ryan Lochte wins Gold"

P.S. Those are not braces, they are grlillz...Some bling for the mouth, and Ryan has a lot to smile about.

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