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Thursday, July 19, 2012

OC 2012 - Day 7 - Family Photo

Part of our family tradition is to dig a sand ditch and create a mound to guard against high tide waves over running our blanket and sitting area.  I think 10 years ago, when we first started coming to Ocean City, we decorated the mound with OC 2002.

Since then, the family has grown, and the boys are now very much at home in OC.  They know there way around, there favorite places to go, and of course riding the waves at the beach.  Seems the days of digging in the sand and searching for sand fleas are being replaced with a couple of rounds of KanJam.

This day in history "On this day in 1799, during Napoleon Bonaparte's Egyptian campaign, a French soldier discovers a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing near the town of Rosetta, about 35 miles north of Alexandria. The irregularly shaped stone contained fragments of passages written in three different scripts: Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Egyptian demotic. The ancient Greek on the Rosetta Stone told archaeologists that it was inscribed by priests honoring the king of Egypt, Ptolemy V, in the second century B.C. More startlingly, the Greek passage announced that the three scripts were all of identical meaning. The artifact thus held the key to solving the riddle of hieroglyphics, a written language that had been "dead" for nearly 2,000 years."

My own form of hieroglyphics make their way onto the mound.  OC 2012

The beach was really nice again today until later in the afternoon when the clouds rolled in.  The lifeguard at 32nd st. warned of impending storms...forecast for 1, 2, 4pm...he said they will come and will be strong.

At the first sign of rain drops, we retreated back to the resort.  We made it just in time before the thunder and lightening and torrential downpour.  Sue and Luke about a block or so behind us did get rained on some....hey, when you are at the beach, you are gonna get we anyway.

We put together the beach lasso golf in the living room and played.  Some took a late afternoon siesta.  We planned on bayside dining this eve, but with some lingering sprinkles around, we decided to take it indoors.  Luke chose a new place, or at least a place we have not tried before.  Blue Fish...a Japanese and Chinese food place uptown.  Not bad...good sushi, good service...perhaps a new find.

Photo of the day "Family Photo"

P.S,  There are always new discoveries at the beach.  Luke found a heavy round shell while we were hopping waves.  I put it in my pocket.  When we got back to shore, we showed everyone his find, and to our surprise, it was a big old hermit crab. 

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