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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OC 2012 - Day 5 - Best beach day

After coming to Ocean City for the past 10 years, it is hard to rate a beach day.  Any day that you can walk to the beach and play in the surf and sand is a good day. 

This morning I changed it up slightly, or should I say, Sue changes it up.  I got up early as usual and staked a claim in our spot.  For those not in the know, that is at the high water mark on 32nd St. next to the lifeguard post.  Umbrella and two sports authority el cheapo folding chairs left alone until the family is ready to hit the beach.

Instead of making breakfast for the crew, I coax Luke out of his slumber, like a bear out of hibernation.  I tell him we can go to the 9th St fishing pier for a couple of hours.  He asked for 6 more minutes of sleep.  I oblige, and then by 8am we are grabbing the bait and fishing rods.  What a great life.

This day in history "Sue goes to the beach before everyone else"

Now that you know, in the 10 years we have been coming to Ocean High, I cant recall Sue leaving to go to the beach ahead of everyone.  Sure, Gavin and Krista are sleeping late, and Kyle usually gets up by 9am. 

Luke and catch a variety of fish at the pier.  All the fishing boats are drifting past us and we seem to be catching more than them.  Sea Bass, Spot, Croaker, Fluke, and Blowfish.  I call then hootie...Hootie and the Blowfish.  One of them that Luke catches is a big one, that puffs up to the size of a softball.

Anyway, when we get home we ask Kyle where is Mom.  He says she went to the beach.  I said "No, your lying".  He wasn't joking.  So we sunscreen and get ready to go to the beach.  When we get there, Sue is just chilling under the umbrella.

Soon everyone is at the beach, and we have a great time swimming, sunning, and hanging out.  Sue is out in the waves, and looses her hat a few times when some big waves wipe us out.  Gavin and his brothers are riding wave after wave.  Great body surfing conditions, crystal clear water, and water temperatures that are 10 degrees above normal.

We end the day at dinner.  Sue and Luke at OC Wasabi, and the rest of us at Higgins.

So, back to the rating the beach day.  Best beach day ever.

Photo of the day "Higgins Crab House"

 P.S.  We had 27 refills or about 90 crabs between Gavin, Kyle, and I.  Crab \Euphoria

Off to play some mini golf.

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