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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When I got up this morning I had a great idea.  Why not take the two bicycles with flat tires with me to work, so I can get them fixed at the Sports Authority in Commack.

So after making my eggs and coffee, I put two bikes on the carrier and head to work.

Around 10am, I decide to call Sports Authority to make sure they can service the bikes today.  Well, it turns out that their service guy is on vacation this week.  So a major sporting goods chain, that sold me the bicycle and has service plans has no one to service my bikes at this location.

The best laid plans....

This day in history "On July 10, 1999, the U.S. women’s soccer team defeats China to win their second Women’s World Cup. The game ended in a 5-4 shootout after 120 scoreless minutes: 90 tightly played minutes of regulation dictated by the United States and 30 tense minutes of overtime largely controlled by the Chinese. The title game was played at the Rose Bowl in southern California in front of 90,185 fans, the largest crowd ever to attend a women’s sporting event."

We love soccer, and I can remember how excited we were when this game aired.  It is classic.

I am now in fix the bike tires mode and decide that thru the power of the internet, I can easily find a bike shop close to Hauppauge where I work.  I find a mom and pop bike shop a few miles away and give them a call.  No answer...did big-box put them out of business ?

I try again around 11am and a frazzled employee or owner answers the phone on the 10th ring.  He says the shop is open, but his repair guy is late.  He says he thinks he can accommodate new tubes for the two tires that  keep running flat.

So, after some meetings, I head to the bike shop and drop off the two bikes.  The repair guy says one of my wheels is really out of true, and that it needs to be trued or replaced.  Seems the brake pad on the front wheel is missing as well, likely all due to those trails at Sans Suci.

I agree to all the repairs and charges, and then make way back to the office.  I am hungry, and it is lunch time,  I almost pass White Castles, a place that I have not been too in ages.  What the hell, 4 sliders with cheese cant hurt.

After work, I call the bike shop and the bikes are ready for pickup.

Thank goodness for the mom and pop shop.  They saved the day as these two bikes are going on vacation in  a couple of days.

Photo of the day "Sliders"

P.S. I ran like 6 miles tonight and burned way more then the approx: 600 calories that these 4 burgers added up to.  No spikes or soda....

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