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Friday, July 27, 2012


When my alarm rang this morning at 6am, I get up to go on an early morning run.  I make it about 1.5 miles and have to stop.  For the first time ever, I have to stop due to a bodily function.  Without going into too much detail, I walked home and gave my glutes a good workout.

Went to get Chinese food for lunch and had the grill guy cook up my own mix of meats, veggies, spices etc. It is the best way to go, as you get a fresh cooked custom meal.  After a few times there, I have perfected the mixture and now have the perfect mixture of heat and flavor.

This day in history "On this day in 1974, the House Judiciary Committee recommends that America's 37th president, Richard M. Nixon, be impeached and removed from office. The impeachment proceedings resulted from a series of political scandals involving the Nixon administration that came to be collectively known as Watergate."

I remember Watergate and president Nixon.  At the age of of 12, I guess my mind was starting to take interest in the world around me.  War, politics, oil embargo's, were all a part of my teenage years.  The way I remember it, Nixon took the fall for getting caught.

Kyle is out camping with his friend Billy.  Sue is at her mom's apartment with her brother and sister going thru has to be hard and we all miss Peggy.  Luke, Gavin and I had sushi for dinner and are watching the Olympic opening ceremony.

One of my dreams, after working at Reuters for 20+ years is to be able to participate in the setup, support of  the editorial systems needed to collect the pictures and stories.  Again this year, as in past 6 or 7 Olympics, I am in the back office helping to support the systems that the editors use to collect, distribute, and store the info.  

The opening ceremony was not as exciting as thought it would be, but entertaining none the less.   It makes me think about my dad...we used to watch the Olympics together...I miss that.

Photo of the day "OLYMPICS 2012"

P.S. Tonight we decided to pick up dinner by riding bikes to the sushi place.  I took a backpack to put the food in.  Gavin had my car, and Sue was not home. 

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