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Sunday, August 19, 2012

2 Towns, 11 Miles - To The beach and back

This morning I started stirring at 6am, but snoozed til about 630.  On this last day before turning 50, I decided to see if I could run from the house in Holbrook, to the bay beach in Sayville.

The night before I gave Sue my itinerary just in case....A nice cool morning in contrast to the heat and humidity we dealt with in July and the first 2 weeks of August.  As I approach Sunrise Highway my GPS tracker announces 2 miles over the music playing, courtesy of Pandora.  Technology...iPhone 4S.  Luv it !!

Again a familiar site these days, the Islip Grange (mile 3), followed by Mill Pond (mile 4)...still feeling good, so the decision to go further than ever before is made.  As I pass the LIRR trestle in Sayville and head into town, I realize that Foster Ave is coming up (the road to the crab dock and beach).

This day in history "The Beatles took America by storm during their famous first visit, wowing the millions who watched them during their historic television appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964. But after the first great rush of stateside Beatlemania, the Beatles promptly returned to Europe, leaving their American fans to make do with mere records. By late summer of that same year, however, having put on an unprecedented and still unmatched display of pop-chart dominance during their absence, the Beatles finally returned. On August 19, 1964, more than six months after taking the East Coast by storm, the Fab Four traveled to California to take the stage at the Cow Palace in San Francisco for opening night of their first-ever concert tour of North America."

I was only 2 at the time, but quickly learned to love the Beatles.  what's there not to love.

As I approach Edwards Ave (mile 5), I can see the clearing at the end of Foster Ave. that is the beach.  I pick up the pace, or at least keep the pace knowing that I am coming up on my goal.  A quick stop for a photo and it is time to head home.

All the way points help me to mentally tally the miles, and Endomondo keeps me updated every mile anyway.  I am determined to make it back home before Sue sends out a search party...After 1hr and 47 Minutes, I am back home and feeling good.  Thirsty and hungry.  11 mile run (3 miles longer than my previous long run).

I stay loose after breakfast , mow the lawn, and then  shower and settle in to read the newspaper.

Tonight I cook Salmon Steaks, and after dinner go fishing at the lake with Luke.  A good night of fishing.  Luke with the surprise catch on the last cast....a big catfish on an artificial worm.   Way to go Luke.

My tally for this week of running is 36 miles.  One mile more than Gavin who inspired me to run in the first place.  Tomorrow will be a light run or a rest I approach 50 years old, I could use the day to recoup.  Steak is on the agenda.  After burning 1400 calories on today's run, I can pig out on a nice steak, salad, and potato.

Photo of the day "To the beach and back"

 P.S.  The half marathon coming up in October is on my agenda.  13.1 I am on your heels......

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