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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A fisherman's blessing

Late blog - Fell asleep on the couch.

3 at 6.  This marks 5 days of running in a row.   

Left work early to catch the Celtic Quest.  When Luke and I get there Desi says hello.  Desi is the captain of the Celtic Quest and I have been fishing with him since he started up with a small boat in Mt. Sinai harbor.

We get to middle grounds and see the birds working.  That means birds diving into the water to pick up baitfish...a typical sign that there will be bluefish feeding in the area.  A few drifts thru, and Luke picks up the first bluefish....I manage one as well.  A few more drifts and the capt. decides it is time for some porgy.

Luke is happy to have caught the biggest bluefish on the boat.  Porgy fishing is slow, but we manage some keepers and a good amount of action.  My young man, turning 13 the next day has outfished me.  he just needs some help once in a while taking the fish off the hook.

No service on my iPhone for getting email out, so I have no photo at this time.

Photo of the day "A fisherman's blessing"

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