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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morning Run - Pond in Sayville

8 at 6.  I am determined to run to Sayville beach and back before the end of the year.  I have not mapquest or measured the distance, but think it is doable.  This morning again, I made it to the pond on Montauk Highway in Sayville and was treated to a nice sight.

Kyle and Luke had soccer camp all week, and today they were getting ready at the same time I was getting ready to head to the office.

My office had a really bad smell, coming from the dorm sized refrigerator.  I asked the cleaning crew to check it out yesterday.  Today I come in and the fridge is unplugged with some baking soda in the a cup.  I drag the offensive smelling fridge to the hallway.  Later in the day, I get a hand from Julien to move the smelly beast to the curb.

This day in history "My laptop is bugging out"

I make my fresh tomato and eggplant sauce for dinner.

Take Kyle to practice and then head to the Mall to browse for sports headphones.  No luck.  Luke says he is going to go to Sayville Running store for my birthday.

Back home, time for a tequila and a parking spot on the couch.

Photo of the day "Morning Run - Pond in Sayville"

P.S. The mist on the water, the sun rising, and the reflection caught my eye.  Decided to share the moment.

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