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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The 500 club

3 at 3

Early meetings and a long day at the office.  Went to the bodega for the 2nd day in a row.  Rice and Spanish style pepper steak.  I have to admit, these $4 lunches are very satisfying.

I forget to bring bags for my CSA pickup.  I get to the pickup at Rita's, and am lucky to find one bag in the car...that holds the veggies, barely.  A nice lady has an emergency bag, and I am able to grab the yellow melon,  cantaloupe, 2 different kinds of mini watermelon, and some over ripe black berries.  I think the blackberries are destined for a smoothie.

 The abundance and variety of vegetables is great.  A sauce is cooking on the stove (eggplant based), and a new batch of fresh salsa is chilling as we ready for the Olympics beach volleyball match.  Go USA...oh yeah., it is USA vs gotta love it.

I ran a report from my Garmin runners program and app, and am happy to say that I am in the 500 club.  I have logged 500 miles so far this year.  With less than 5 months to go, I have to complete 100 or so miles per month to reach my goal of 1000.  Does anyone think I can count bike rides too ?

This day in history "This probably comes as no surprise: Federal scientists say July was the hottest month ever recorded in the Lower 48 states, breaking a record set during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.
And even less a surprise: The U.S. this year keeps setting records for weather extremes, based on the precise calculations that include drought, heavy rainfall, unusual temperatures, and storms.
The average temperature last month was 77.6 degrees. That breaks the old record from July 1936 by 0.2 degree, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Records go back to 1895."

So, as it cools down in September and onward, I am hoping to be able to run longer and not have to deal with the oppressive heat and humidity along the way.   Some advise from others is to mix in a few two a day routines into the week.  That is run in the morning and at night....maybe if I can find the time.

I went on Newsday and found a photo that is really funny.

Photo of the day "The 500 club"

P.S.  I did not realize that I should be posing as if finishing a race.  After running 5 miles and drinkin my 2 beers (they give them to me for free), I am happy and spacey.  I meet up with Gavin, my son (right), and Dan his friend (left).  At this point I have gone thru the snack line to pick up protein bar, apple, juicy juice, sodas, chips, and tonight Boars Head sandwiches.  So with full arms, I settle down next to the 2 young ones who are already finishing their snacks.  I notice they have Newsday bags.  They say to go over to the Newsday booth to get one.  Newsday lady says, only if you let us take your picture.  So, up against the green screen backdrop, these two knuckle heads join me...only I did not know it was a race...get it...So here I am all sweaty at the finish...making it look easy !

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