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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pool Table

It has been nearly 2 years since our basement flooded, and a couple of months ago, I put in a new floor.  Well, after procrastinating, I finally ordered a toy.  The boys decided that a pool table instead of air hockey.

No running today, it is too hot and humid anyway.  By 9am, I was already up, read the paper and started watching the Olympics.  The lawn needs to be mowed.  So, I reluctantly head out to the shed, put the throttle into choke position and pop.  Yeah, the throttle cable snapped.

I have the same Honda HR215 mower for nearly 19 years.  It is a matter of pride that I don't spring for a new one.  I have put surprisingly little money into maintaining the mower.  As a matter of fact, I am more abusive to it than it deserves.  Like changing the oil ever 7 years or so ( I do add oil if it sounds rough and needs it).  A rebuilt carb about 5 years ago, and I think maybe I am on my 3rd spark plug.

Last summer, I bought a HR215 twin from some guy in Ronkonkoma that I have used for parts.  Now, to find a small enough metric wrench to loosen the bolt so that I can remove the faulty throttle cable.  Success is had after removing the cable from the twin, and installing on my main mower.

This day in history " On this day in 2002, the rusty iron gun turret of the U.S.S. Monitor broke from the water and into the daylight for the first time in 140 years. The ironclad warship was raised from the floor of the Atlantic, where it had rested since it went down in a storm off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, during the Civil War. Divers had been working for six weeks to bring it to the surface."

After lunch, I head to Sears to pick up the pool table.  I take Sue's Honda Pilot and hope that when I get to the merchandise pickup that the box fits in the back.  The box squeezes in without any extra room on the sides, but of course it does not fit in the without leaving the gate open.  I tie down the gate and make my way home.  No problem, until I get home.

The box is too heavy for us to carry into the house.  So, now, Gavin and I decide to unpack it outside in an effort to lighten the load.  Game table itself weighs about 125lbs, and at 7 feet long, it is bulky too.  We make our way into the house and barely squeeze it down the basement stairs.  Once at the next to last step we attempt to navigate past the handrail and drop ceiling...

With a little coaxing and a crushed thumb, Kyle, Gavin and I manage to get table into the basement.  Now Comes the assembly.  Once assembled, we end up moving the table around the room until we get to the optimum playing spot...smack in the middle of the room.

Photo of the day "Pool Table"

P.S.  This one comes with a ping pong topper so it will serve double duty.

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