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Monday, August 20, 2012

50 Years, 5 Decades, 18263 Days

When I started this blog, I set a goal.  The goal was to capture the final year.  In essence it is really just a journal or diary of sorts.

Today I celebrated my 50th Birthday with Sue and the boys.  We are all a little older, and the boys are turning into men.  Sue and I are really blessed as we have our health and a great family.  What else can we ask for really.

In my 18263 days, I have learned a great deal.  I continue to learn.

This day in history "Bruce Michael Jenkins is born"  While this may not seem like a huge piece of history, we will all eventually look back to our roots and see that our experiences and decisions have shaped our lives.

Yesterday I set a goal to make a run to Sayville beach and back.   That same day I set a goal to run my first 13.1 miles in the Great South Bay run.

My longer term goals are to retire at age 62.  The boys should be finished with college and hopefully starting to raise their own families.  I hope to be a grandpa someday.

We went to Lombardi's on the Bay.  We shared a nice meal overlooking great south bay.  Outdoor dining on a perfect evening.

 Home early enough to relax before a fudgey the whale cake.  Traditional Bruce birthday cake.

50 Years, 5 Decades, 18263 Days.  That's a long time, but as I look back now it seems to have flashed by much quicker now than when I was younger.

Make sure you have fun each day, and have something to write about.  Set new goals and reach them.  Go fishing as many times as you can.  Prepare and share a meal with with the family...

Photo of the day "Facebook Birthday Wishes"

 P.S. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes on my timeline for far and near.  A little while back I saw 50 posting for this 50 year old.

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