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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Donut Peach

Another early start for the day.  3 at 6.  Took a meeting in the car on the way to work.  Met my boss outside while trying to warm up.  Seems 5 of us were cold at 1030 this morning...too much air conditioning in the office.

Get out of work late, and have to ask Sue to pick up the CSA fruits and veggies.

Sue, Luke, Kyle, and Gia went to the AQUARIUM in Riverhead.  The highlights of the day, the petting/feeding area, and a new attraction, an alligator.  And they got to meet the alligator up close...a cute 1.5 year old that they got to touch.

While I was meeting with my boss, they made their way to Port Jeff Steam Room for BOGO steamers.

I get home at 6pm and throw in some chicken wings.  That gives me just enough time to run out to pick up Gavin from Sachem where he ran with his friends.

This day in history "On this day in 1774, dissenting British minister Joseph Priestly, author of Observations on Civil Liberty and the Nature and Justice of the War with America, discovers oxygen while serving as a tutor to the sons of American sympathizer William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne, at Bowood House in Wiltshire, England"

I have just enough time to catch my breathe, when the oven timer goes off.  Talk about timing, I walk in the house 30 seconds before it is time to take them out.  A quick prep of saute zucchini and steamed broccoli (all CSA fresh) and we sit down to eat at like 8pm.

Luke has some friends over and are playing soccer and messing around in the pool.  We are keeping an eye on them.

We had an interesting assortment of fruits and veggies.  First of the year new potatoes, black berries, apricots, tomatoes, and ......wait for it...peaches.  Not just any peaches, but donut peaches.  I am typically not a fuzzy fruit fan, but let me tell you, D-Lish

Photo of the day "Donut Peach"

P.S. Funny looking peaches.  Great flavor, juicy, and no fruit stuck to the pit.  1774 Oxygen discovered, 2012 peaches discovered !

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