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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sayville Seafood Festival

11 at 7.  My second time running from home to the beach in Sayville.  I had no intention of going that far at first.  I received a couple of txt messages from work while running, and almost turned around.  Once in Sayville, I stop at the soda machine in the hopes of getting some water.  Instead I lose a dollar and a minute wasted.

Back home I am really thirsty and while drinking some water, I take another look at the damaged fence we have.  Last night somebody kicked in the panels on two sections of my PVC fencing.  This is going to be a real pain in the ass to try and reassemble.  Basically I have to take the sections apart and piece the tongue and groove panels back into the bottom rail...that is once I am able to remove the top rails.  These go up section at time and the two sections damaged are several sections from the end....

This day in history "On this day in 1939, the first televised Major League baseball game is broadcast on station W2XBS, the station that was to become WNBC-TV. Announcer Red Barber called the game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York.
At the time, television was still in its infancy. Regular programming did not yet exist, and very few people owned television sets--there were only about 400 in the New York area. Not until 1946 did regular network broadcasting catch on in the United States, and only in the mid-1950s did television sets become more common in the American household."

Now we watch soccer on TV.  Not a baseball household, we wait until the playoffs or world series.  Tonight the Red Bulls are playing against Kansas City.  Earlier today we watched Liverpool vs Man City.

For the first time in like 10 years, we did not have a soccer tournament this weekend.  Typically this last week in August, we have been at a soccer tournament...this year we went out to Sayville.

When driving thru Sayville, the traffic was building and cars wee parked everywhere.  Sue gets within half a mile of the Sayville Seafood Festival and we walk in.  Admission is $8 per person.  It is the 21st year of the festival, and our first.  We have been living on the island for 19 years now.

We are surprised to see how many vendors there are and wander around before setting our sites on the seafood.  Well, the walk to the festival and the sizable line to order food was well worth it.  Lobster and Steamers are the fare of the day or us.  We luck out and find a spot under the big party tent to start our feast.

After our meal, we walk to the maritime museum to see some history.   A large collection of sailboats and a part of Long Island history preserved.  I spot the stand for roasted corn and can't resist.  The boys get some shaved ice.  The usual country music in the background changes to a Billy Joel cover band.  With a shady spot found, a nice bay breeze, its is easy to stay longer than we anticipated.

A new Jenkins family end of summer tradition started ?  I will go back again next year if there is no soccer to interfere.

Photo of the day "Sayville Seafood Festival"


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