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Sunday, November 11, 2012


We stopped in Staten Island and Brooklyn to see part of the championship soccer match between Berkeley and ACPHS.  Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  Both small schools who compete in the Hudson Valley Mens Athletic Conference.

We are watching the game to get a feel for the level of soccer that is played by ACPHS, a school on Kyle's radar that offer a Pharm.D program.  Being a small school, it is part of a conference that I did not even know existed.  USCAA - United States Collegiate Athletics Association.  Who knew.  

This day in history "
The Soviet Union announces that, because of its opposition to the recent overthrow of the government of Chilean President Salvador Allende, it would not play a World Cup Soccer match against the Chilean team on November 21, if the match were held in Santiago. The International Football Federation had given the Soviets until the 11th to decide whether they would play the game. With the Soviet refusal, the Federation disqualified the Soviet team from World Cup play. It was the first time in the history of World Cup Soccer that a team had boycotted over political issues.The Soviet team had played the Chilean team to a 0-0 tie in September, in a game that took place in Moscow. It steadfastly refused to play the rematch in Santiago, charging that the stadium in which the game would take place had recently been the scene of the torture and killing of Allende supporters during the coup. Allende, a Marxist, was killed during the takeover. The Soviets offered to play the game in a neutral country, but the Federation refused this compromise and the Soviet team, that had reached the quarterfinals in the last World Cup in 1970, was eliminated from competition. Despite fears that other Iron Curtain countries would join the boycott, teams from East Germany, Bulgaria, and Poland participated in the 1974 games held in West Germany.This would not be the last time that Cold War battles found their way into international sporting events. Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, President Jimmy Carter asked the U.S. Olympic team to boycott the 1980 games to be held in Moscow. The U.S. team acceded to this request."

Academics being the most important consideration for choosing a school, followed I think by the campus, and then of course can soccer fit into the mix when taking on a very difficult 6 year degree in Pharm.D.

The level of play is something that Kyle could handle, and he would likely make a mark and get playing time even as a freshman.   It was not Albany's day today, as they went down 2 goals in the first half.  The coaches appeared calm and capable, and never had a negative word while the boys played.  We left to visit Brian and Therese, and then headed home.

We did stop for a bite to eat at Brennan and Carrs.  Our usual eateries flooded by Sandy have not been able to reopen yet.  Roast Beef was very good.  I like the cheez better at Roll and Roaster.  Randazzo's, what can I say,they have the best shellfish and seafood on the planet.  That is clams, mussels, calamari, bisque, chowder...We eagerly await both eateries to make their comeback.

Photo of the day "ACPHS"

So this is where we start.  The first college team Kyle has watched play whole considering the school.  Sure, he has seen other college teams play on TV or watched a game at Stony Brook.  

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