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Sunday, November 25, 2012

White Lightening

Pumpkin muffins for breakfast.

Gavin heading back to Hartwick this afternoon.

Kyle at soccer practice.

This day in history ""The Mousetrap," a murder-mystery written by the novelist and playwright Agatha Christie, opens at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. The crowd-pleasing whodunit would go on to become the longest continuously running play in history, with more than 10 million people to date attending its more than 20,000 performances in London's West End."

Still have to get thru that list of chores from the beginning of my long weekend.

Finished making room in the garage.

Put up the outside Christmas lights.

Stacked the wood pellets for winter in the garage.  Country Boy White Lightening.  This is season 4 and the pellet stove has now paid for itself.  With the price of heating oil at close to $4 a gallon, pellets as a clean and renewable resource are helping us cut our oil consumption by 50%, and saving us some money at the same time.

After stacking the pellets, it was time for a cup of coffee and a leftover pumpkin muffin.

Chicken Tikka for dinner, and some lazy time on the couch.  the house is warm as the pellet stove cranks out  a steady flow of heat.

Photo of the day "White Lightening"

Made in America.  These pellets are made from 100% OAK saw dust collected and pressed into pellets.  The wood floor company that collects and recycles the saw dust has a slogin  No bark !

On the list for this week is to Save Money on Cable bill or maybe switch to FIOS

Magic Number 144

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