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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Proud Day - Luke Confirmation and Kyle Honor Society

So, where do I start.  Made sense to work from home with the busy schedule today.  Early meetings, doctor appointments, Confirmation, National Honor Society....

Amazingly, I made it to Physical Therapy and got thru the challenges at work.

Sue had a great idea to pick up Sushi for lunch for when Uncle Brian (Luke's Sponsor) got to the house ahead of us going to Good Shepard.

This day in history "After sailing through the dangerous straits below South America that now bear his name, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan enters the Pacific Ocean with three ships, becoming the first European explorer to reach the Pacific from the Atlantic."

We did not need navigational help today and everything was 'smooth sailing' so to say.

The church is packed rafter to rafter as the Bishop starts the Confirmation proceedings.  A young energetic and very amusing Bishop, who was most gracious to everyone, especially the catechists, and the young men and women about to receive confirmation.

Sue can now say that she is an officially retired catechist, who after 14 years of service has taught our three boys and a large collection of their friends how to be good citizens and good Christians   I have learned a thing or two over the years as I am typically home while she is teaching.

A proud moment as Luke is anointed with Holy Chrism, a very fragrant special oil only used during special rites of passage.  After the ceremony and right before having to leave to take Kyle to his induction ceremony at the High School for National Honor Society, I give Luke a hug and kiss.  The fragrance emanating from his forehead will mark the occasion indelibly in my senses.

Holy Chrism is the oil used to anoint people at their Confirmation, and is also used to anoint priests at their ordination. It is also used in the consecration of altars and Church buildings. In Anglo-Catholic parishes it is additionally used by bishops when they consecrate chalices and patens. 'Consecration' means making holy or setting apart for God's purposes. It differs from the other two oils in that it alone is not pure olive oil. A scented balsam is mixed with the oil to make the Chrism.

A get Kyle to Sachem East HS right on time (6pm), and then scoot over to a local Starbucks for a pumpkin latte.  Back a the school, I grab three seats so that Luke and Sue won't have to struggle to find a place to sit during the induction.

A very nice National Honor Society induction, and a time for us as parents to be proud.  Kyle has had a great academic career so far, and his extra volunteer work has given him the edge and ability to be honored tonight along with a small subset of his friends and peers.

It is late by the time we get home, so I heat up some frozen snacks for dinner as we watch Survivor.

Photo of the day "Proud Day"

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