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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Marathon Cancelled :-)

The buzz around the office, for those that could make it there was about gasoline.  Everyone on Long Island knows that there is a shortage, and the scant few deliveries making it to stations, are drained within hours.  Long lines form in an instant.

Most of us have suspended or cancelled any plans that involve driving.  Those fortunate to have power and internet in my line of work (information technology) can work from home.  One of the guys in the office goes out to grab lunch and spots a station on Motor Parkway and LIE service road about to open.  Within seconds, he is 15th on line.

An argument between some folks behind him ensues as cars converge and bumpers touch.  Some pushing and shoving.  We get an email from our co-worker that there is gas and a short line.  A few leave work to get there...arriving 5 minutes later, most turn around as the line is hours long.

This day in history "On November 2, 1986, Norwegian distance runner Grete Waitz wins her eighth New York City marathon. She finished the 26-mile, 385-yard course in 2:28.6, more than a mile ahead of the second- and third-place women in the race. Waitz had won her first marathon in New York in 1978—setting a world record--and she won the NYC marathon again in 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985. In 1988, she won it for the ninth time—something no runner had ever done in any marathon."

There is another buzz as social media erupts with the news that the NY Marathon which was planned for this weekend will still happen.  How can that be when there are so many homeless, without power, and an already overburdened infrastructure.  How can we think of closing bridges and roads in and around the city when most of us have already had a marathon of holding things together in the aftermath of Sandy.

Pressure builds, and finally common sense prevails...the NYC Marathon is cancelled for this weekend.

As school districts scramble to get back on track, and bring students back to classrooms, HS soccer practice resumes.  In a way, this is good and bad as the athletes all need rides to the HS which is miles does however represent a step back to the 'normal routine'.   Car pools form and the boys get together...they have playoff game this week.

I was not able to get an MRI, as the radiology office, even though reopen needs a couple of days to seed the MRI machines.  I guess they are not like our household appliances or computers that need a simple reboot.  I will try a short run again tomorrow.  No marathon for me.  Just trying to get a short run in without coming back limping.

Another piece of good news, is that gasoline shipments to stations that have power should resume this weekend or early next week.  I think priority should be given to those with gas cans for their generators, and a 10 gallon limit imposed to help speed up the lines and fill the needs of more people.  Half a tank in both cars, so we continue to conserve.

Photo of the day "Marathon Cancelled"

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