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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Noticed the other day when putting air is Sue's tires, that her passenger front tire was in bad shape.

While at work, I text Sue to remind her that her tire (it is her car) has to be replaced and that a wheel alignment is needed.

She says I should bring the car in as they will ask questions and she knows it is a pain in the ass.   I agree and tell her that after work I will take care of it.

This day in history "Edward H. White II - First U.S. astronaut to walk in space. With James A. McDivitt he manned the four-day orbital flight of Gemini 4, launched on 3 Jun 1965. During the third orbit White emerged from the spacecraft, floated in space for about 20 minutes, and became the first person to propel himself in space with a maneuvering unit. Two years later, White was one of the three-man crew of Apollo 1 who in 1967 were the first casualties of the U.S. space program, killed during a flight simulation (the others were Virgil I. Grissom and Roger B. Chaffee)."

On my way to pick up the CSA veggies, I realize that with no credit card or bank card I can't pay for Sue's tires and alignment.  Cards got wiped out last week when some idiot left them in his pocket while in an MRI machine.  Guess MRI and magnetic strips on cards don't get along.

I come up with a good idea...have Sue leave the gym and meet me at Pep Boys.  On 2nd thought, maybe not a good idea.

We drop her car off at 5pm after I have already told the guys at Pep boys, 2 tires and an alignment.  The say about an hour and a half.  Great, we go back home, cook dinner and wait for them to call.  At 630, I call them...they have not even looked at her car yet.

Finally after 8pm, they call and say pick up the car.  And BTW, they could not do the alignment.  Thinking i am gonna hear that the suspension, ball joints or something is out of whack....glad to hear it is there machine that would not work right.

We pick up, and I try to get them to throw in a free alignment...They will tale $10 off when we come back...I mean when Sue goes back.  New tires, and a safe auto going into winter.

Back home three batches of kale chips.  Who would have ever thought I would make and eat kale chips.

Photo Before "Kale"

Photo After "Kale Chips"

Magic Number 199 with a little help from the bike and elliptical...Hey it's my goal and blog :-)

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