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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Say it isn't snow

This morning Sue and the boys went back to work and school at Sachem.  I got ready for an early morning MRI at Zwanger.   I can't believe how loud that machine is.  The MRI tech asked me if I wanted music...I said sure how about Pink Floyd.  He says they have Pandora, so it should be no problem.

Well, the music was more like top 40, and it didn't really matter as the machine drowned out the music in the headphones.  Now I understand why people freak out a little from the is machine.  As the machine pulsed, I swear I felt it pelting me with magnetic pulses.  35 minutes later after a series of 7 or so scans of 5 minutes each, I was released.

This day in history "The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses due to high winds on this day in 1940. Fortunately, only a dog was killed.
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was built in Washington during the 1930s and opened to traffic on July 1, 1940. It spanned the Puget Sound from Gig Harbor to Tacoma, which is 40 miles south of Seattle. The channel is about a mile wide where the bridge crossed the sound. Sleek and slender, it was the third longest suspension bridge in the world at the time, covering 5,959 feet."

The wind starts to howl and the rain starts to look a little chunky.  Well, a Noreaster in November, even the start of the month can be pretty nasty.  I am working from home so honker down and forget about the weather for a while.  

The phone rings and Sue txts me that several Sachem schools have lost power.  Early dismissal is announced so my quiet home office is going to be getting busy soon.  I run out to the bus stop to get Luke as it is now raining and snowing..

Everyone is home early, and I need to go out to pick up my CSA share of veggies.  I get there and the snow is pelting me as I look for the sign that lists what we should take.  The sign is several feet away and has the wrong list (last weeks I guess).  Not knowing how much of each to take, I guesstimate.  Driving home is hindered and dangerous as several roads in the area are grid locked with lines for local gas stations.

Luke's favorite tonight, spaghetti and meatballs.  I sort the veggies and we settle in to watch the Redbulls soccer game.  It is delayed due to snow.  Oh, by the way, Kyle's soccer game today was cancelled due to weather.  Redbulls game get cancelled.  My pellet stove keeps shutting itself down with some sort of error code.   

Photo of the day "Say it isn't snow"

LIRR delays, closures, Penn Station closed.  Friends losing power again.  Weekend tournament upstate NY cancelled.  The final year.  

P.S.  This photo was taken at the start of the snow...forecast was for rain and wind.  Extremes in our weather.  Is it a sign.  I think the new normal is for more bad weather events.  The boys will be going to school till July.

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