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Friday, November 9, 2012

You Rock

I help Kyle get to school this morning as he has 2 backpacks and a large box to take Sachem East.  The ride up to the school is easier than usual, there are really less cars on the road.  I wish him luck on his HS soccer semi-final match.

Later in the day, Sue lets's me know that Kyle's soccer game got moved out east to Dowling filed at 6pm instead of in Dix Hills.  No excuse to leave the office early to catch his game.

It is getting chilly out, so a sweatshirt, jacket and gloves are needed.  I still cant believe that so many people are still living without power and/or heat in this cold.

This day in history " At dusk, the biggest power failure in U.S. history occurs as all of New York state, portions of seven neighboring states, and parts of eastern Canada are plunged into darkness. The Great Northeast Blackout began at the height of rush hour, delaying millions of commuters, trapping 800,000 people in New York's subways, and stranding thousands more in office buildings, elevators, and trains. Ten thousand National Guardsmen and 5,000 off-duty policemen were called into service to prevent looting.
The blackout was caused by the tripping of a 230-kilovolt transmission line near Ontario, Canada, at 5:16 p.m., which caused several other heavily loaded lines also to fail. This precipitated a surge of power that overwhelmed the transmission lines in western New York, causing a "cascading" tripping of additional lines, resulting in the eventual breakup of the entire Northeastern transmission network. All together, 30 million people in eight U.S. states and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec were affected by the blackout. During the night, power was gradually restored to the blacked-out areas, and by morning power had been restored throughout the Northeast."

We have been plunged into darkness on other occasions, and the most recent, hurricane Sandy has many of us thinking about co-generation.  In most cases, that will be a small portable generator to run critical lights, heating, hotwater, and refrigeration.

Kyle and his team play well, but lose 1-0 in a well played game.  Kyle, you rock.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that my MRI results are in and I have Bursitis and Tendinitis.  Now I will have to wait who knows how long to speak to my ortho so he can advise me.  Or maybe I continue to loose faith in our healthcare system and continue to self diagnose and treat.  I was rocking for a while with my fitness.  I will get back, even if I have to ride bikes and use elliptical machines.

Work is being difficult these days, and jokingly, I am contemplating a new career or at least one that does not involve being so close to information technology.  I like music.

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You Rock

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