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Monday, November 5, 2012

The wings didn't stand a chance

Worked from home to help ease the gas shortage.  I have about half a tank left and figured those waiting for 1-3 hours for gas, need it more than I do.  Carpool this morning so that I can get Kyle, Mike, and Danny over to Sachem East HS for soccer practice.  On the way home I see the Hess station in Holbrook with a 100+ car line....I decide to wait another day.

Did I shoot myself in the foot by actually passing a gas station with perhaps only an hours wait time.  Seems this station gets fuel often as I have seen the lines a few times since last week.  The news is saying things will ease, but I am starting to get ant-see, and tomorrow it is my turn to drive to work.

Again, in an effort to conserve and do the right thing, I have 3/4 of the Long Island based staff working from home, cutting our consumption drastically.  From what I hear, there are stations in Nassau that have power and no gas, where prior to that, they were lights out.  So, where is the long line of gas trucks filling up in Holtsville going ?

This day in history "On November 5, 1895, Rochester attorney George Selden wins U.S. Patent No. 549,160 for an "improved road engine" powered by a "liquid-hydrocarbon engine of the compression type." With that, as far as the government was concerned, George Selden had invented the car--though he had never built a single one.
Selden's design was fairly vague, and was actually based on a two-cylinder internal-combustion engine that someone else had invented: Selden had simply copied the one he'd seen on display at the 1872 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. In 1899, Selden sold his patent to a group of investors who called themselves the Electric Vehicle Company. In turn, they immediately sued the Winton Motor Carriage Company, the largest car manufacturer in the United States, for infringing on the Selden patent just by building gas-powered cars. Winton settled, and the court upheld Selden's patent in 1903."

Now we have too many cars, with too many cylinders using too much gas.  The supply glitch will take some time to remedy itself.  Did the distributors make sure there reserves got topped off before Sandy came to town ?  As gasoline arrives daily in Port Jefferson and other ports, are there enough drivers to deliver fuel around the clock ?  What will happen if the Noreaster coming Wed causes more tankers and barges to stay out at sea or slows the docking and offload process ?

Tomorrow is election day, and how many folks in the NY metropolitan area will not get out and vote ?  Will they change their votes based on the governments storm response ?  FEMA and the Red Cross are all over, but from a supply side situation with Food, Water, Blankets, and dare I say fuel, the government response is lacking.

Sue made it out to Stop n Shop and bought some fresh and packaged food.  She said the store is not stocked as usual.  Chicken wings on the menu for dinner....we have not had them for a while.  Running multiple errands in one trip out so that she can conserve fuel.  She is also teetering at half a tank and did not stop to fill up....I Don't think she saw any stations open, although the social network says Valero on Vets Highway has gas.

A fresh basked pumpkin pie was cooked right after the chicken wings and will be dessert for us the next couple of days.

Had a real conundrum tonight at dinner as I couldn't decide on which sauce to put on my wings.  I like them buffalo style,  blue cheese dressed, and even wanted to try some Habanero pepper sauce.  What to do, what to do.  One with Franks RedHot, and a blue cheese dip.  Another with the Habanero pepper sauce.  Then, like the old Reese's peanut butter cup got your Franks mixed up with my Habanero.  No.  You got your Habanero mixed up with my Franks....Decided to mix all three.  As Emeril would say "BAM"

Photo of the day "The wings didn't stand a chance"

Hoping to see a gas station open tomorrow on the way to work, or home from work...perhaps the worst times to be looking for gas.

Magic Number 220

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