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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gavin's Home for Thanksgiving

Last day in the office was busy but productive.  Will be nice to have a few days off form work.  I need time to buy a turkey and some other parts of the Thanskgiving feast.

Decide on chicken tikka for dinner.

This day in history "On this day in 1923, the U.S. Patent Office grants Patent No. 1,475,074 to 46-year-old inventor and newspaperman Garrett Morgan for his three-position traffic signal. Though Morgan's was not the first traffic signal (that one had been installed in London in 1868), it was an important innovation nonetheless: By having a third position besides just "Stop" and "Go," it regulated crossing vehicles more safely than earlier signals had."

Imagine the mayhem and number of accidents we would have without that delay (yellow third signal).  Now we have red light cameras as well in an effort to get everyone to slow down and drive more carefully.  Gavin caught a ride with his friend Shane, and most if the ride on the highways, there will be very few lights.

Sue is anxious this eve and every noise outside, she gets up to check if Gavin has arrived.  She is usually able to watch TV, and still hear when a car comes down the street or near the house.  After a couple of times being fooled we hear the front door open....Gavin is home.

We exchange some stories, and he tries our kale chips.  Of course he is hungry, my boys are always hungry.  Dinner was scarfed down by his brothers hours ago, and we have not been to stop and shop since before Sandy arrived.  Gavin settles for a protein bar, and a bowl of cereal.

We talk till about 11pm, and then everyone heads up to sleep.  We have a full day planned.

Get Turkey and stuff
Go for a run
Get physical therapy
Wrap the fig trees
Watch Prometheus
Clean up the garage a little
Shop for Gavin (Trader Joes, Sporting Goods)
Make corned beef and cabbage

Good thing I took off work today.  I needed a break.

Photo of the day "Gavin's home for Thanksgiving"

P.S. We have a 5K run coming up that the whole family is doing.  Oh one more item for the list.  Pick up Veggies from CSA.

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