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Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 for 3

So, here is the Jenkins hat trick of sorts.

Kyle hurts his knee three weeks ago and goes to get xray and MRI.  Not broken, knee cap (patella) shifted and caused some pain.  Lucky there was no ligament or cartilage damage.

Gavin hurts his ankle last week.  It looked really bad and he did not tell us right away.  A couple of days later he gets his xray.  Really bad sprain.  10 days on the sideline at a minimum.  Followup with Ortho and and MRI...maybe

Luke hurts his arm, and ends up at Stony Brook for, you guessed it, an xray.  A golf ball sized welt and he is in pain.  They get thru triage, and xray in about 3 hours time.  Contusion.  So we are 3 for 3, three weeks, three injuries.

This day in history "Earle Dickson Born in 1892"  American inventor of Band-aids. Finding his wife prone to kitchen accidents - cuts or burns - Dickson frequently was dressing her small wounds with cotton gauze and adhesive tape. After a number of these accidents, Earle devised a way she could easily apply her own dressings. He prepared ready-made bandages by placing squares of cotton gauze at intervals along an adhesive strip and covering them with crinoline. Now all his wife had to do was cut off a length of the strip and wrap it over her cut. His employment was as a cotton buyer at Johnson & Johnson, where his suggestion to make this a product became a reality leading to Band-aids.

Folks, you cant make this stuff up.  We have band-aids in the house and will soon have rolls of bubble wrap for the young men in the house to help protect them from injury.

Photo of the day "

So, with a family of 5 relatively healthy but active individuals, I already payed out more than my allocated and projected $3,250 for medical, dental, and prescription services.  To put matters into perspective, we still owe about $1000 to providers and a very patient orthodontist.

Thanks to OBAMACARE (which I don't care for), my flexible spending limit max will be reduced to $2500 next year.  This will help pay for part of the Obamacare as I will not have the write off or tax deferred income for higher amounts.   My coinsurance and premiums are slated to rise next year and that is not even part of the Obamacare phase in.  

I project healthcare costs for my family will be about $12000 next year.  A combination of premiums and using the insurance.  There is something wrong with the system.  The middle class is screwed !

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