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Thursday, October 25, 2012


No run.  Trying to stay healthy and exercise can hurt you.....

After limping around the office the past few days, decided to go see a doctor.

Health Care has been on all our minds at work with the new health plan that has some difficult choices.

This day in history 'Sandy, the hurricane takes aim at the US mainland'

My visit to a ortho is as expected...useless.  An xray rule out any bone involvement (aka , no fracture or obvious calcification).  I ask what he thinks ?  He says, he has no idea, maybe muscle, tendon, or a combination of....He need to order an MRI.

What did Ortho's do 15 years ago when they didn't order MRI's like they were ordering a sandwich at the local deli.  Anyway, health care being what it is, the pre-approval process starts.  Next week, I may be allowed a diagnostic test, and it will typically cost a reduced rate, thanks AETNA, not $1200, but only $377.

But wait, it is October, and we have already paid more than our share of charges and the plan now kicks in and pays the time the test is approved, I hope to not have to use it.  I was hoping the doc would provide advise.  Like rest, ice, advil....but no, he gives a script for physical therapy.

I will likely go for some PT, as I believe that it will help my condition, or at least teach me the proper stretches and strengthening routines.  Healthcare is for the wealthy or poor.  The families in the middle are caught paying more than they should as they try to make ends meet.

How about a nice cortisone shot where it hurts and let me continue running.  As long as the pain goes away, I am happy :-)

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