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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sequoya Soccer at Sachem East

A busy day at the office followed by an equally busy eve with the family.

Tonight was the last game of the school soccer season for Luke.  It was great watching him play this fall, as he missed a whole year with a heel injury.  He is back in good form, and getting better every game.

On the way home, I go to pick up Kyle from Sachem East.  I drop off his friend and then take Kyle to get a haircut.  Luke calls and wants to know when I will be home...he has soccer tonight and he needs a ride to Sachem East.  He calls his friend Nick Dunn and arranges a ride.

Sue is getting a haircut at the same place, so I run home and get to wish Luke luck before the Dunn's pick him up.

This day in history "Luke gets the assist on the first goal, and then later in the game scores 2 goals.  This is a great and very memorable night for the last game he will play with his Sequoya soccer middle school team.  Luke came off the field with his friends and was really happy to have been able to score in front of the HS coach."

Sue irons a couple of shirts for Kyle, and makes a sweat 16 card minutes before we head out the door.  We make it to Sachem East with 5 minutes to spare.  Couldn't miss this game.  Kyle will get a ride to the party, and I will pick him up later.

As promised, we take Luke for sushi dinner to celebrate.  Back home almost in time to catch Fringe, and of course write my blog.

Hip is feeling a little better.  Rest, Ice, Advil.  I may do a trial mile tomorrow.....

Gotta go pick up Kyle and Gia soon.  Sue is packing a bag as she is going to visit Gavin in Saratoga at his XC meet.  Her sister Karen is going as well.  Early wakeup tomorrow, as Sue needs to be on the road by 530am.

Photo of the day "Sequoya Soccer at Sachem East"

Nick and Luke after the game.  Luke might play some winter indoor soccer with Nick.  Uniforms have to go back to the school, except for the socks.  Nobody wants stinky hand me down socks !!

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