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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Buy 3 get 1 free

Woke up before the alarm, a usual occurrence lately.  Decide to make a cup of coffee and take 2 advil to give myself a fighting chance at better run today.

Drop Kyle at his bus stop at 625 and then head out for my run.  My body has had 30 minutes to process a cup of water, 1/2 cup of coffee, and my advil (preemptive strike)

Well, still had a bit of discomfort in the right hamstring/glute.  Ran a very respectable negative split of 4.5 miles and for the most part was able to keep a good pace without wanting to turn around.

This day in history "
The Arab-dominated Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announces a decision to cut oil exports to the United States and other nations that provided military aid to Israel in the Yom Kippur War of October 1973. According to OPEC, exports were to be reduced by 5 percent every month until Israel evacuated the territories occupied in the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. In December, a full oil embargo was imposed against the United States and several other countries, prompting a serious energy crisis in the United States and other nations dependent on foreign oil."

Wow.  The oil embargo.  Odd and even days, lines for gasoline.  Rationing.  This was our wakeup call to establish energy independence   The writing on the wall.  Now we have $4 gallon pricing and as much as we want.  No shortages, no rationing, no end to the enormous profits for big oil.  Yet, we keep our current policies to spend billions on clean energy as opposed to bringing in policies to use more natural gas, and produce enough domestic oil.

I have to get new tires this morning when my passenger front tire is found nearly flat and in pretty bad shape.
Mavis tells me that they have buy 3 get 1 free.  $614 dollars with tax and a wheel alignment.  He says tire prices have climbed.  Yes, along with everything else except my salary.  Don't get me wrong, but the small raises the past few years, with inflation, cost of energy, insurance, food, healthcare, etc.  it is tough to be the middle class.

COOPER TIRES are made in America and the tires I bought last time around too.

  China Tariff: The Obama Administration signed a Tariff Order recommended by the ITC which added a 35-55% tariff to Chinese Tires. While this "only" affected the price of Chinese tires directly, the net effect is to reduce price pressure across the board. Since cheap Chinese tires are no longer cheap, other manufacturers don't need to cut tire prices to stay competitive.

Price of Oil: Oil is a component in tire construction, and the price of oil has gone up in recent years.

Photo of the day "Buy 3 get 1 free"

Look on the bright side.  I have a smooth safer ride and with winter coming I needed new tires.  Got 4 years and 50K miles on the last set.  Gonna have to keep this car longer now :-)

Magic Number 251

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