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Thursday, October 4, 2012

We have a winner !

Let me just toot my own horn here.  I ran one of my fastest 5 miles ever.  I was not being chased or anything,  but since my Garmin watch and footpod are not communicating, I can't really check how fast I am running until my tracking app on my phone tells me how fast I completed a mile.

So, 5 miles in 44 minutes, which was my personal best avg. pace of 8.50 min/mile.  Even my friend in St. Louis who sees my Endomondo updates, commented "Dude, your are getting faster and faster"

After work, I picked up Kyle from school to take him to Physical Therapy. Sue is at Luke's soccer game.  The typical divide and conquer routine at the Jenkins house.

This day in history "The shot heard around the world" On October 3, 1951, third baseman Bobby Thomson hits a one-out, three-run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the National League pennant for the New York Giants. Thomson’s homer wrapped up an amazing come-from-behind run for the Giants and knocked the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Giants’ hated inter-borough rivals, out of their spot in the World Series. The Giants went on to lose the Series to the Yankees, but Thomson’s miraculous homer remains one of the most memorable moments in sports history.

I have heard the saying, but never knew where it came from.  Before my time.

Back home just in time to pick up Nick (Luke's soccer friend), so we can head to Sachem East for more soccer.. well, "the goal club fundraiser - hero night".  I don't have to cook dinner, so that's a bonus.

At hero night, all the Sachem soccer teams come together in one place.  We eat, and the boys beg for money so they can buy tickets for the Chinese auction.  Luke manages to get $17 dollars between Sue who gave him a ten spot, and me when he asked for his allowance.

The night is going well and the prized are being called out.  Not expecting to win, because Luke gave me one (1) of the tickets and he kept the other 16.  Suddenly I hear Luke exclaim "I won" and he struts himself up to pick up his prize.  A movie basket, complete with Soda, Candy, chocolate, and a $25 gift card for the movies.  This is how we do it !

Photo of the day "We have a winner"

P.S. from the look of things - The coca cola is already missing

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