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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sports Update

Half a day of work, and the rest of the day in Brooklyn watching MC United win the playoff and Final to take home the winners cup.

The ride to Brooklyn uneventful, but Sue's car does have a low passenger front tire indicator lit.  She says that it happens when it gets cool out.

The first game, a real nail biter that ends in a tie 0-0.  It proceeds straight into penalty kicks.  United's keeper, Nick makes a save and as long as the two remaining United players make their PK's, all is good.  United wins 5-4 against a Long Island rival East Meadow.

This day in history "
On this night in 1871, fire breaks out in a barn behind the Chicago cottage of Patrick O'Leary. Winds blowing off the prairie fed the flames, and the fire spread rapidly, eventually consuming a four-mile-long and two-third-mile-wide swath of Chicago. When the Great Fire was finally over two days later, nearly 300 people were dead, one hundred thousand were homeless, and Chicago's booming downtown was in ashes. Despite the devastation, Chicago would rise again and continue to be the economic center of the American West for decades to come."

This afternoon, Dale was on fire in the 2nd and final game, scoring two goals and nearly getting a hat trick.  A true team effort this weekend, and a come from behind win 5-1 against a formidable opponent from Toronto.  We celebrated at RnR (roast beef and cheez).  We are sure the long ride back to Toronto won't be so much fun...we have been in those situations as well.  Hard work has payed off for United.

Friends and family to view Pictures from Bruce at:

We get another sports update from Gavin who is starting to feel a little better since he sprained his ankle the other night.  Gavin was named Hartwick Hawk Athlete of the week.  We are very proud.

Even Luke, who was starving by the time we got home was lucky.  He scored some sushi for dinner.

Photo of the day "Sports Update"

P.S. Even with both knees bothering Kyle, he played very well.  He worked hard this weekend, and had two assists along the way.  Well done Kyle and United !!

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