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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kyle gets MRI results

Another late blog post.

I missed my morning run today as I had a meeting in my calendar.  The meeting got cancelled.  I hate when that happens.  I have 300 miles to go and only 3 months to get there.

Working from home so I can pick Kyle up from school and shoot over to the Ortho to get the MRI results.

The Dr. is in the office and we get to talk and review his findings.  The good news is that Kyle does not have any ligament, cartilage, or bone damage.  Dr. Sileo does not see why with some physical therapy, and an optional knee brace, that Kyle can return to activities.

This day in history "2009 - Rio de Janeiro is elected the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics."

And my baby goes to Rio De Janiero, to do the cha cha....  I sure hope I get a chance to go on behalf of the special events team for Reuters.  I will plant the seed now.

I get Kyle back to school in record time and he does not miss his Spanish test.

Sue and I both decide to drive to Commack to watch a rainy soccer game.  Sachem East vs Commack.  a few minutes into the 2nd half, with a 1-1 tie so far, we see Kyle take off his rain gear and start stretching and warming up.  Sue and I look at each other, and as our stomachs do flip flops, we ask ourselves whether it was Kyle who asked to go in, or coach asking Kyle to go in.

Kyle takes the field in the pouring rain, and each touch or contact with another player makes us cringe.  He looks pretty good though and up until the time he takes a fall (contact, slip, or however it occurred).  Soon after that play, coach takes him out.  So, for 15 minutes or so, Kyle played up top and had some good touches on the ball.  Game ends with a 2-1 loss as Commack scores with only about a minute left to play.

We order take-out and pick up on the way home.  Mike will pick up Kyle.

After dinner, I take Luke to party city so he can get a morph costume.  He chooses stars and stripes.  Red, White and Blue.  Our skinny little man has grown a lot and he is now in Men's size costume.

Photo of the day "Squishy Football"

P.S. I got this cool Squishy Football at the Dr. Office 

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