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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Too Much Information

Worked from home the first few hours of the day.  Raining so no run.  My gluteus maximus has been hurting...actually below the butt so I am guessing maybe something to do with a strain or something in the hip or hamstring.

I warned about TMI, right.  Somehow a pain in the posterior thigh muscle did not seem to have the same ring as pain in the ass.

Off to the Dr. for a well visit.  Everything checks out of and she gives me some advice and doctors to see next.  Nothing to do with the strain muscle.  She said if it hurts, don't do that (in reference to running)...what where you thinking ??  Anyway, One is for a hand surgeon (I have a small bump, maybe a cyst) to take a look at my right hand pointer finger.  The other is for a gatroenterologist.

I warned you about TMI right.  So, if you take the name of the doctor and break it down into its fundamental components, you get "Gastro" "Enter" and "Ologist".  How does a Dr. decide to specialize in this particular area ?  Why ?  Anyway, my Dr. wants one of these specialists to ENTER and take a look.  Turned 50 this year and she thinks a colonoscopy is a good idea.

This day in history "From its beginnings in the early 1980s, it was clear that MTV, the Music Television Network, would have a dramatic effect on the way pop stars marketed their music and themselves. While radio remained a necessary engine to drive the sales and chart rankings of singles and albums, the rise of new artists like Duran Duran and the further ascent of established stars like Michael Jackson showed that creativity and esthetic appeal on MTV could make a direct and undeniable contribution to a musical performer's commercial success. But if ever a case existed in which MTV did more than just contribute to an act's success, it was the case of the Norwegian band a-Ha, who went from total unknowns to chart-topping pop stars almost solely on the strength of the groundbreaking video for the song "Take On Me," which hit #1 on the Billboard pop chart on this day in 1985."

I watch Sachem East lose to Brentwood.  Sachem has already clinched a spot in playoffs, and looked as if they did not really come to win today.  The good thing is no more players got hurt.  On the way home, I stop at my favorite Bodega for some pernil, rice, beans, chicken, and carne.  I don't have to cook :-)

Watch some Yukon Men as Fringe is not on (stupid baseball).  Stay awake long enough to see them catch King Salmon with a water wheel.  They have a tough life in Alaska I can tell you that.

Don't forget to look up in the sky Saturday night (late as possible) to catch a glimpse of some shooting stars. And you thought I was gonna say Uranus.  Which if broken up into its elements becomes UR ANUS....

Photo of the day "Too Much Information"


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