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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Easy Button

I get a txt message from Sue this morning telling me that I have to fix the downspout in the backyard.  Not the typical 7am txt message as I was just getting settled in at work.  We have had water coming into the window well that leaks into the basement.  

Her weather report calls for as much as 3 inches of rain tomorrow.  I better do something to keep the water from flooding into the basement.

I take a lunch break and go to Trader Joe's, the dollar store and Staples.  Where is the Easy Button when you need it.  I have one at work, but the batteries are dead.  

This day in history "On this day in 1767, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon complete their survey of the boundary between the colonies of Pennsylvania and Maryland as well as areas that would eventually become the states of Delaware and West Virginia. The Penn and Calvert families had hired Mason and Dixon, English surveyors, to settle their dispute over the boundary between their two proprietary colonies, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
In 1760, tired of border violence between the colonies' settlers, the British crown demanded that the parties involved hold to an agreement reached in 1732. As part of Maryland and Pennsylvania's adherence to this royal command, Mason and Dixon were asked to determine the exact whereabouts of the boundary between the two colonies. Though both colonies claimed the area between the 39th and 40th parallel, what is now referred to as the Mason-Dixon line finally settled the boundary at a northern latitude of 39 degrees and 43 minutes. The line was marked using stones, with Pennsylvania's crest on one side and Maryland's on the other."

Back in the office, I enjoy a PBJ on white bread.  No whole wheat, and a day before my well visit and blood  test.  I sure hope it does not tank up my triglycerides.

Another txt from Sue....doesn't anyone use their cell phone minutes ?  No wonder Verizon offers a share everything plan that gives unlimited phone and txt for a flate rate.  The rate is too high as it does not include data.  So, for us it would actually cost $12 more a month for half the allocation of data.  Where is my Easy Button ?

I digress.  Sue is asking me what's for dinner ?  She reminds me that Kyle needs a good meal.  That can only mean one thing.  Steak, Potatoes, and some veggies.  Where is my Easy Button ?

I can't stop at the market on the way home because I have frozen meatballs to transport and don't want them to defrost.  This only means that I can stop home, and then go back out to the market.  Where is my Easy Button ?

Meat Farms makes my day again.  This time it's shell steaks for $3.99 lb.  I pick up spuds, onions, mushrooms, steak, and bananas.  Turns out I don't need the spuds, onions, or bananas for dinner.  I use red potatoes and broccoli from the CSA.  I get out of Meat Farms with the 4 steaks, etc. for only $22.  "THAT WAS EASY"

So, while cooking dinner (Scarborough Fair Potatoes) in the oven, I break out the duct tape purchased at the dollar store and head outside.  I fire up the grill and then proceed to reattached the downspout extension in the backyard that has come loose.  And Sue didn't even know I scoped out the situation the last time we got water pouring in the basement window.  A roll of $0.99 Duct tape, and we are good to weather the storm.

Scarborough Fair Potatoes - Olive oil, garlic and.......

Are you going to Scarborough Fair:
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

So, we have a nice steak, saute mushrooms, steamed broccoli, and Scarborough Fair Potatoes.  We vacate the kitchen just in time for Sue's religion class.  Time to veg out on the couch.....

I drew the line, sure, not anything like the mason Dixon line, but it was my decision to go with the Scarborough Fair Potatoes instead of the mashed that would have taken me away from fixing the down spout.  

Photo of the day "Easy Button"

Oh yeah, went to Staples to pick up ink for the home printer that ran out of the other day.

When I left Meat Farms there was a liquor store a couple of yards away from my parking spot.  Grabbed a fresh bottle of tequila......That was easy !!

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